What we offer


Tools to enhance your usability with your browser.

Customize your web

Fit the internet to your needs. Customize big websites to your own style.

Cloud based

We are using the official stores and marketplaces to benefit from cloud-settings.

We are not done

Mail us if you have any idea! We are constantly developing more tools.

Welcome to MegaXT

We are offering you our finest collection of extensions for your favorite browser. Starting with Chrome we will keep adding new items to our portfolio covering all big browsers.

Our goal is to bring greater usability to your surfing experience. The big sites and browsers may already have good usability but we think that sometimes there could be more customizable options. That is why we are trying to bring our ideas and your needs to your system.

We are totally free. That is why we are depending on your social power to like and share this site among your friends.

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